Banjo Cycles / Cycling Holidays Spain Autumn FloodLit league 2014

Prizes shall be awarded for the top 3 in the Senior men and Vetran Men there will be a prize for the 1st junior/youth and 1st women. Theses shall be presented on the 19th October at the final round.

See table for series points these shall be awarded for your position on the night so if you finish 5th you will get points for 5th place.

For the final round if it’s a tie battling for winning the Banjo cycles series then we will do count back on best results in the 4 night races. If again that is still a tie it will go on their relative positions on the 5th round race.

Results shall be posted on on the night of the race and will be uploaded on to British cycling before the weekend.

For updates on the race series and photos of the events join GWRteam on facebook or follow Banjoracer on twitter.

For further details on the series please see the race flyr

To enter go here


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