Banjo Cycles Winter Flood lit league round 5 (final)


Lewis King takes the final round, with Crispin Doyle taking the overall and the prize of a training camp courtesy of Cycling Holidays Spain!
The course was run in reverse for the final round with the addition of drop off into the dark in the woods!  Series leader Paul knew he needed to win the final round and for Crispin to be outside the top four for him to claim the overall prize and so it would be a tactical race for the final round.  A fast start saw Peter Kench take the lead with Lewis King, Crispin Doyle and Paul Lloyd  all on his wheel for the opening two laps. This was looking good for Paul as any one of the four riders looked cable of taking the win! with lap times over 5mins the final would be played out over 9 laps! mid way thorough the race and lewis king had established a gap over Paul and Crispin who were marking each other and peter was a further 10 seconds back. Crispin knew he just needed to maintain his potion to claim the prize for the remaining 20mins of racing. coming into the final lap Lewis had established a comfortable winning margin to take the final round! Crispin and Paul had a sprint for 2nd place which Crispin edged out and Peter came home for 4th!
Crispin took the win overall by just 6 points form Paul and Mike Simpson took third 19 points behind.
1 Lewis King Vet
2 Crispin Doyle Vet
3 Paul Lloyd Senior
4 Peter Kench Senior
5 Tom Underhill Senior
6 Aaron Preece Senior
7 Dan Smith Senior
8 Chris Clark Vet
9 Andy Webb Vet
10 Adam Buckland Senior
11 Alex McIntosh Senior
12 Mark Letters Senior
13 Stephen Jones Vet
14 Dave lee Vet
15 Lee King Vet
16 Iain Collins Vet
17 Tony Turner Vet
18 Max Hale Senior
19 Stephen Jones Vet
20 Paul Loosemore Vet
21 Helen Grossworth Women



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