Banjo Cycles Winter Flood lit Series Round 2


Crispin Doyle makes it two form two of the five race series.  Crispin was pushed hard for the first 30mins with Paul Lloyd glued to his wheel. in the last 10 mins Crispin managed to open the gap for the win. Peterl Banham took a superb 3rd place with Mike Simpson in forth.


Crispin Doyle extends his lead in the series from Paul, for the prize of a weeks training at cycling holidays spain, with three rounds remaining.



Place Name Cat
1 Crispin Doyle V
2 Paul Lloyd S
3 Peter Banham S
4 Mike Simpson V
5 Peter Kench S
6 Matt Woods S
7 Christopher Rothwell J
8 Pete Scott V
9 David Beskeen S
10 Adam Buckland S
11 Tom Sewell J
12 Dave Wadsworth V
13 Stephen Jones V
14 Morgan Jones S
15 Aaron Taylor S
16 Aaron Preece S
17 Chris Clark V
18 Pete Hutchinson V
19 Elliot Lassiter J
20 Dan Smith S
21 David Lee V
22 Rory Gilling S
23 Aaron Collins S
24 John Speed S
25 Stephen Longman V
26 Mark Shepherd V
27 Emily Wadsworth W
28 Andy Smith V
29 Mark Letters S
30 Claire Smith W
31 Richard Gostick V
32 Pat Alexander V
33 Kim Lassiter V
34 Mike Taylor S
35 Lee Aston V
36 Matt Antrobus V
37 Terence Nash V
38 Paul Loosemore V
39 Louis Antrobus J
40 Paul Wood V









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