NPS round 2

The second round of the national points series was held in wheat maid redruth. The course was laid out on the remains of an old tin mine. Basically the course was one long decent with three tripple arrow drops down to the ‘toxic lake’ followed by a 3km climb back to the top to do it all over again.


Banjo cycles had Peter Kench and Dan Smith sign on for the masters race. With Peter on the second row after his 10th place in the 1st round and Dan on the 4th row. The start was frantic with everyone fighting to lead it down the decent for the first lap. Both riders had a good start with Peter just outside the top ten and with Dan only a few places back.

After three laps Pete had moved into the top ten. Dan however was suffering with the course and had slipped outside the top twenty. The decents required full attention and the last two laps both Pete and Dan were opting for the b lines in certain sections to make sure of a safe finish.

On the last lap Pete made sure of 9th place with a big effort on the final climb. While Dan rode conservatively to finish 23rd and keep a top twenty grid position for round three.



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