Testing the team bike

Banjo cycles-Specalized-Raceware team will be using the Stump jumper expert bike for the 2013 season. Not only does the bike have a cutting edge carbon frame, with hollow carbon dropouts PF30 BB and designed for 29er wheels but has a very special fork up front.

The last time I rode a RockShox fork was in 1996 with a RockShox mag 21. This was cutting edge at the time as it was air / oil fork with 60mm travel and had adjustment with 6 positioned damper on each leg!

Mag 21

The RockShox on the 2013 Stump jumper expert is the RockShox Sid 29 Brain fork with 90mm travel, the fork has the new Solo Air spring in one leg, and the Brain Fade and rebound adjustment in the other. The fork is very different from the early years of suspension but works with the same platform of air / oil spring dampener.

The clever part of the RockShox Sid 29 Brain fork is the ‘brain’ as this allows the fork to lock out from any downward force from the handle bars but open up and soak up any bump from a force coming up through the front wheel. This gives the holy grail of XC forks one which feels like a rigid fork when sprinting but when you hit any bumps or rocks you get a fully working plush suspension fork. I am pleased to be returning to RockShoxs this season. With the specalized brain, XC forks have come along way since the 90’s!


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