January 2013

First blog of the year and for my new team, Banjo Cycles – Specialized!


So far this month we have had a team meeting where we have sorted out the race calendar. Also we have put together plans for some very special races that Banjo cycles and Specialized will be supporting for grass roots riders in 2013. More about that later in the year!

IMG_20130201_184110   IMG_20130204_185850

I have mainly been putting in the road miles after I closed my cross season in early November 2012! This has seen the winter road bike take some serious abuse and in need of some TLC. Luckily the MTB season is only a few weeks away so there will be time for the repairs to be made then.

IMG_20130119_150011  IMG_20130116_180735

The January weather has meant too much time spent on the turbo and not enough outside!  But I have managed to get in a few good rides in the snow to get the MTB skills sharpened up….. and to freeze the water in my bottles on the bike!


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